Envision with us.

As part of the United Church of Christ, our congregation doesn’t follow a top-down hierarchy. We share leadership among clergy, lay leaders and members. At First Congregational Church of Wilmette we are connected by core values and a covenant or promise to be wholly inclusive. This covenant binds us together and allows for individual differences in our faith journey, including making room for doubt. Sharing of leadership allows us to come together to re-visit our faith practices with each generation.

Beginning in the fall of 2022, along with the guidance and care of our interim pastor, the Rev. Lark Hapke, members of our congregation began meeting in groups both small and large, in our living rooms, at church, and remotely. We gathered to examine our history and to study the cultural shift in how individuals and families experience the sacred. We are responding by creating a worship experience that feels authentic and meaningful, and re-dedicating our focus and attention outward into the community by broadening our spirit of service.

We invite you to join us during this exciting time of transition. This visioning process asks that we put into practice how we can best serve God by being a caring and compassionate neighbor, providing space for people and events that seek to benefit our local community, and cultivating a welcoming home for spiritual nourishment and growth.

This spring and summer we are improving our video streaming capabilities for better quality online communications. We are seeking out new ways to connect with our neighborhood and wider community through service partnerships, and by deepening our connections with other faith communities. We welcome your enthusiasm, perspectives, and ideas during this visioning process!